Retro v2

Retro; the customizable clock widget is now available on Flathub in v2

Download on Flathub

This new release comes with

Support both 12h and 24h clock format. It follows GNOME Date & Time preference while being sandboxed thanks to libportal new API for the settings portal.

Energy usage has been improved by using a more efficient method to get the time and by making use of the magic GtkWindow.suspended property to stop updating the clock when the window is not visible.

Better support for round clocks. The new GTK renderer fixed the visual glitch on transparent corners caused by large border radius. Retro now restores window dimensions and disables the border radius on maximize to make it look good, no matter the shape.

Controls have been moved to a floating header bar to stay out of the way and prevent interference with customizations.

There are further improvements to do, but I decided to publish early because Retro was using GNOME 43 runtime which is end-of-life and I have limited time to spend on it.

Help welcome